Business Concept – Get the start-up toolbox

So you’ve got an innovative business idea and intend to set up a knowledge- or technology-based company? In the «Business Concept» module, you will learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur and acquire both the theoretical and practical expertise to set up and run your own company.

Who can take part?

Members of higher education institutions: Students, doctoral students, post-doctoral students, professors at universities and universities of applied sciences (including research institutions), people with experience in research and development within companies. Max. 25 participants per course.


  • Company and business strategy
  • Product development
  • Market research (analysis, potential, target audience, USP, competition)
  • Marketing/sales    
  • Strategy, marketing mix, campaign planning
  • Communication
  • Finances (financial planning, needs assessment, search for investors, financing, liquidity)
  • Management and organisation
  • Business planning
  • Intellectual property, legal matters, contracts, etc.
  • Developing a business plan based on a concrete business idea
  • Individual and group work
  • Presentation to a jury


Semester course: 14 evenings of four hours, from 5.15 p.m. – 9 p.m.


Held at 15 higher education institutions in Switzerland


The courses are free of charge.

Current courses / provider

They are held by four different consortia.

East region (Start-up Campus/ZHAW)

West region (EPFL Innovation Park Consortium)

Central region (Consortium Uni Bern, BFH, Uni Basel, HSLU, FHNW, USI, SUPSI)

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East region (Startup Campus/ZHAW)

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Central region (Uni Bern, BFH, Uni Basel, HSLU, FHNW, USI, SUPSI)

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West region (EPFL Innovation Park Consortium)

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