Innosuisse approves eight flagship proposals

Innosuisse approves eight flagship proposals for disruptive solutions in the transition to a net zero world. Through this funding initiative, the Swiss Innovation Agency aims to give a boost to systemic innovations that are central to current economic and social challenges in Switzerland.

In the second call for projects, in a two-stage procedure 25 pre-proposals were received by the end of January 2023 and 16 full proposals by the beginning of July. At the end of August, Innosuisse approved eight of these flagship projects.

Each flagship consortium consists of at least three research partners and at least two implementation partners, such as SMEs, large companies or other innovative organisations.

The total funding budget for the three to five-year projects amounts to CHF 35.4 million. The consortia will start their work towards the end of the year. Further calls for projects under the Flagship Initiative are planned.

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Last modification 30.10.2023

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