Facts and figures on Innosuisse funding

Innosuisse awards funding on an ongoing basis. Approved funding is paid out in various instalments and therefore usually extends over several years. For this reason, the funding amounts approved and paid out in a given year are not identical.

Funding approved and paid out in yearly comparison

Year 2022 in details

Facts and figures for 2022 online

Year 2021 in details

Year 2020 in details

Year 2019 in details

Year 2018 in details

Flyer «Innosuisse – your partner for innovation»

Innosuisse accelerates the transfer of knowledge from researchto industry and helps innovations and start-ups to achieve abreakthroughon the market. As the Swiss Innovation Agency, we strengthen the competitiveness of Swiss SMEs and start-ups. By doing so, we contribute to the sustainable developmentand prosperity of Switzerland.

Flyer «Innosuisse – your partner for innovation» (PDF, 606 kB, 01.05.2024)

Last modification 01.05.2024

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