Innovation cheques stimulate the innovation potential of SMEs and start-ups

Innovation cheque impact

The Innosuisse innovation cheque is an important tool for SMEs and start-ups to strengthen their innovation potential and reduce innovation risks. It also supports the growth and performance of innovative companies. More than three quarters of innovation ideas continue to be pursued upon completion of the preliminary study. These are the results of a survey conducted by INFRAS as part of Innosuisse’s impact monitoring.

Innosuisse and the SNSF promote start-ups in Switzerland

Start-up Solaxer

Innosuisse and the SNSF have developed a well-coordinated support offer in Switzerland’s complex start-up ecosystem. This covers the entire innovation chain (from basic knowledge to the founding of start-ups). This is the core result of an external study.

BRIDGE Evaluation 2017 - 2020

BRIDGE Evaluation

Innosuisse and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) have been collaborating together on the BRIDGE programme since 2017. The two sponsoring organisations have had the 2017–2020 pilot phase evaluated externally. The results now available confirm that the programme meets a need among researchers and covers an existing gap between basic research and science-based innovation. BRIDGE is an important strategic instrument for collaboration between Innosuisse and the SNSF.

Annual report and financial statement 2022

Thumbnail für den Geschäftsbericht 2022

The annual report comprises the annual financial statements and the management report.

Annual magazine Discover 2022

Thumbnail for annual magazine Discover 2022

Insights into the work of Innosuisse in 2022 as well as facts and figures.

Innosuisse impact monitoring 2019/2022

Impact monitoring Innosuisse 2022

In order to measure the impact of its funding, Innosuisse has been conducting impact monitoring for all completed innovation projects and start-up coachings.

Extract from the Multi-Year programme 2025-2028

Extract from the Multi-Year programme 2025-2028.

Extract from the Multi-Year programme 2025-2028.

KOF Innovation Survey 2021

KOF innovationserhebung

KOF ETH Zurich surveys Swiss companies every two years on their innovation behaviour. Innosuisse takes part in the survey.

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