Coaching process


If your application is approved, you will receive a voucher that can be used for the services provided by Innosuisse's coaches.

The overall coaching process and voucher management is tracked and administrated in the Innosuisse online tool.

Goal of the Initial Coaching

In the Initial Coaching programme you have up to six months to challenge and review your entire business. Guided by an Innosuisse coach, you will work out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your start-up. In addition, you will determine the next critical steps and receive recommendations on key milestones that are important to the successful development of your business.  

Innosuisse coaches

The Innosuisse coaches supporting you in the Initial Coaching have a proven track record in founding, managing and developing companies, are well versed in innovation and have excellent connections.

All coaches and their availablitly are visible in the Innosuisse online tool.

Lead coach

Starting your Initial Coaching, you will invite one Innosuisse coach to be your lead coach using the Innosuisse online tool. Innosuisse can support you with the selection. The lead coach is your main contact person guiding you through the entire programme and will work with you on the development of your business. Where necessary, the lead coach can suggest that you consult additional coaches.

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