Get the tools you need to set up your company

The Innosuisse start-up training programme helps you develop your business idea, set up your company and implement a strategy for growth. Our four training modules are led by experienced entrepreneurs and held all over Switzerland.

Do you have an innovative vision that’s just waiting to become reality? Are you in the process of founding a company? Do you have an innovative and forward-looking business idea that you just can’t get out of your head? Do you want to make headway with your company?

Then the Innosuisse start-up training is just the thing for you.

You can choose from four separate training and development modules that will help you establish or develop your entrepreneurial skills. with some 120 trainers boasting plenty of practical experience at your disposal. The four separate modules allow you to start  at exactly the right place for your company.

Start-up training modules 1-4

Courses across Switzerland

Held all over Switzerland, the courses are by run by renowned providers including consortia in higher education institutions and private organisations.

Find the right module and provider for you here.


«Having an effective team is more important than the idea. Our founding »team met on an Innosuisse start-up training course – without it, we probably wouldn't exist at all.»

Alexander Ilic, Dacuda

«Innosuisse start-up training provides targeted training courses that impart the knowledge that budding young entrepreneurs need – and that's not all. With its range of programmes and events, Innosuisse helps to create a network of young Swiss entrepreneurs and this is an important factor in the success of the Swiss start-up scene.»

Dania Gerhardt, Amazee Labs

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