Entering the market in USA

Why expand to the US?

The US remains a leading world market that provides ideal conditions for scaling your business:  a startup friendly culture, great talent, and a high volume of venture capital. It still feels like “the land of endless possibilities” and this mind-set is a strong driving force that continues to feed the entrepreneurial spirit, especially in San Francisco.

What is to expect?

The startup ecosystem is very accessible and supportive. You will build lasting relationships with key players of the ecosystem that will help you shape the future of your company. Last but not least, you will meet potential customers and partners that will accelerate your business.

What is the state of innovation?

Silicon Valley continues to push the boundaries in the digital space and has begun to disrupt more traditional industries and business models. Be it banks, retail giants or car manufacturers, many larger corporations have set up offices in the Valley in order to monitor and adapt to new trends in their respective industries.

Is it easy to find qualified co-workers?

Silicon Valley draws in some of the world’s best talent, and elite universities like Stanford and UC Berkeley further strengthen the growing and diverse talent pool. You’ll be able to find people with relevant skills as well entrepreneurial experience. That being said, due to the likes of Google and co. the price tag can be relatively high. Top workers expect top pay.

What does the Innosuisse Market Entry Camp bring to the table?

  • A tailor made program: Each startup has very different needs and we will adapt the program to the specific goals of your company. 
  • A strong local network: swissnex has more than 10 years of experience in the US, and has built a broad network of contacts that serve as prime resources for your startup. Whether you wish to engage with potential partners, customers, experts or hire local talent, we help accelerate the process.
  • Multiple Cities: swissnex San Francisco, swissnex Boston and swissnex Boston’s New York Outpost work together to run the US Market Entry Camps. This gives startups the flexibility to spend time in various locations based on their individual needs.
  • Travel & Accomodation Grant: Startups receive a travel and accommodation grant of up to CHF 4’000 per person (max 2 people) sponsored by the Gebert Rüf Stiftung.

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