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Are you an expert in a specific field that is key for developing start-ups or scale-ups? Innosuisse is accrediting new SPECIAL COACHES. Apply now!

Innosuisse is looking for new special coaches in specific fields of interest to meet the growing demands of the science-based start-ups within its coaching programmes. A particular objective is to support firms in its new Scale-up Coaching programme. The latter is designed to help entrepreneurs boost the growth of their science-based companies. Special coaches are specialists that offer start-ups and scale-ups tailor-made workshops and punctual support in specific areas of interest. Candidates are invited to submit their applications until 4 August 2019.

Innosuisse offers a unique personalized milestone-based coaching programme through which it accompanies entrepreneurs develop their innovative business ideas into successful start-up companies. In addition, Innosuisse is now launching a new Scale-up Coaching programme aimed at jumpstarting the growth of high potential scale-ups through team coaching, personalized milestone-based coaching, peer learning and more. The programme is supported by (Regular) Start-up and Scale-up Coaches, who accompany the entrepreneurs throughout all stages of development of the venture, as well as by Special Coaches. Through this advertisement, Innosuisse is recruiting these Special Coaches, who will offer personalized support in defined areas of interest once accredited. Start-ups and scale-ups will be able to procure these coaching services based on coaching vouchers from Innosuisse.

The quality of the coaching program depends heavily on the deep experience, know-how and professional network of its Special Coaches. They give timely advice, typically in the form of a half-day workshop, at the request of the start-up and scale-up companies and are assessed on an ongoing basis by the companies as well as every two years by Innosuisse to determine if they continue to meet the Innosuisse accreditation criteria and quality requirements. 

The role: As a complement to the Regular Coach, the Special Coach provides an in-depth and up-to-date understanding of a specific competency or expertise in a given industry sector, scientific field or market-related/organizational development area to support the start-up company in its development during the Innosuisse coaching process. The Special Coach gets involved at the request of the Innosuisse start-up or scale-up when the need arises. For more information on the coaching programme, please consult this website as well as our legal basis (cf. Innosuisse Funding Ordinance Art. 21-24 und Art. 47-52 and The Swiss Innovation Agency’s implementing provisions for coaching credit)

The requirements:

  • Experience: Long-term proven and successful track record in training or advising start-ups or scale-ups in the given area of expertise
  • Competencies: Very strong analytical skills and excellent troubleshooting skills. Must be a solution provider. Can work effectively and confidently with Innosuisse coaches and can interact with start-ups at different stages of maturity in a constructive manner.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: Continuously on top of the latest developments and trends in the field of expertise, industry branch, technology sectors, or any other field and can assess in which direction the field is moving and evolving.
  • Networks: Strong national and international networks that can be mobilized and utilized by Innosuisse start-up and scale-up companies.
  • Personality: Open and clear communicator. Excellent problem-solver.

Currently sought fields of expertise:

1.     Organizational growth and scaling

2.     Manufacturing and supply chain: Industrialization and technical expertise for start-ups and growth phase companies, supply chain management (international experience and contacts is a plus)

3.     Pricing and valuing : SaaS, product, B2B, B2C, eCommerce

4.     IP and licensing agreements with research organisations

5.     Licensing, alliances and M&A with corporate partners

6.     Sales process management: building and managing sales funnels, cycles and team, compensation, CRM, international growth and scaling

7.     Digital, UI/UX and Social Media Marketing

8.     Branding and positioning

9.     Talent acquisition and retention

10.  Customer-centricity and co-creation

11.  Regulatory expertise in Medtech

12.  Leadership and culture in a high-growth context

13.  Fundraising and investor relations

It is important for Innosuisse to have special coaches who love the work and challenge of coaching fast-growing technology start-ups and scale-ups. If you fulfill our requirements and would like to enter our selection process, we kindly ask you to send your application to by August 4th 2019.

All applications must include:

  1. Your motivation letter explaining how you match our basic requirements, why you wish to become a special coach for Innosuisse and where you will add value to our activities
  2. Your comprehensive CV
  3. The filled-out special coach application form (DOC, 86 kB, 26.06.2019)

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