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Innosuisse is an entity under public law with a separate legal identity, which is composed of three bodies. The composition and responsibilities of the bodies are set out in the Federal Act on the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency.

The Board is the strategic body of Innosuisse. It comprises seven members and manages Innosuisse in line with the Federal Council’s strategic objectives and with an eye on the future. This elects the members of the Board for four years and also decides on the president. 

Innovation Council
The Innovation Council is the specialist body of Innosuisse. It makes decisions on the funding applications and supports the execution of the funded activities in an academic and innovative sense. It also develops suggestions for the funding strategy and instruments to be approved by the Board.

To carry out its work, the Innovation Council makes use of a pool of experts.

Management team
The management team is the operational body of Innosuisse. It directs Innosuisse’s activities and manages the Secretariat. The management team comprises five members and is managed by the Director. 

Auditing body
The Swiss Federal Audit Office SFAO is the auditing body of Innosuisse. It assesses the annual financial statements and the execution of an appropriate risk management and reports its findings to the Board and the Federal Council in the form of a report.

Innosuisse collaborates closely with national partners, in particular the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

>More about the partnership with the SNSF 

Innosuisse is a member of TAFTIE, the European association of innovation agencies, in order to promote international exchanges on funding practices.

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