Innosuisse assesses effectiveness of coaching

Innosuisse wants to regularly assess the benefits and economic impact of its own and the CTI’s start-up promotion activities. For this reason it is calling on all start-ups accepted for coaching since 2005 to participate in another survey.

For Innosuisse, reliable and regularly collected information on the effectiveness of its support is essential. This forms the starting point it needs to be able to organise its promotion activities even more effectively in future and to make the best possible use of the public resources it receives.

In 2016, the former CTI already implemented phase 1 of the impact assessment: an online survey of start-ups which received support as part of the CTI start-up coaching programme. The results and the first final report have been published on Innosuisse’s website and are available to the public. They also include an assessment of the design and implementation of start-up promotion, along with recommended actions.

It is now time for phase 2 of the impact assessment, in which start-ups which received funding as part of the CTI start-up coaching programme are being asked for their help once again. The aim of the survey is to enhance Innosuisse’s monitoring, focusing on the benefits of coaching for start-ups.

Innosuisse has again commissioned the external team econcept AG and Koch Consulting for the study and online survey. The start-ups invited to participate have received a link to the survey from econcept. The results will be available by the end of the year. Innosuisse would like to thank the start-ups for taking part.

Last modification 12.06.2018

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