«We are developing more efficient components»

Lorenz Gubler and his team from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have received a "Discovery" grant as part of the BRIDGE programme. Lorenz Gubler and his team are developing cheaper and more efficient components for redox flow batteries. The project manager hopes that these technologies will find a place in solar or wind farms.


Interview: Innosuisse simplifies funding conditions

Innosuisse’s Innovation Council has approved a range of measures to simplify the process for submitting an application. The changes focus primarily on costings and on IP agreements. Innovation Council Chairman Bernhard Eschermann explains what is new and what exactly this means for project partners.

Innosuisse assesses effectiveness of coaching

Innosuisse wants to regularly assess the benefits and economic impact of its own and the CTI’s start-up promotion activities. For this reason it is calling on all start-ups accepted for coaching since 2005 to participate in another survey.

From science to start-ups

The new BRIDGE programme helps to turn scientific research into actual products and services. A year and a half into its launch, the results are already in.

Last modification 29.05.2018

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