Innosuisse and Vinnova have agreed to strengthen their cooperation

Innovation Switzerland-Sweden

As two of the world’s leading innovation countries, Switzerland and Sweden are committed to close and long-term cooperation. For this reason, Innosuisse and the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova signed an agreement on 14 June to strengthen the cooperation that has existed since 2013.

Innovation is of great importance for the economy in both Sweden and Switzerland. Innosuisse and Vinnova therefore want to promote joint innovation projects between companies and universities from both countries more intensively. On 14 June, the CEO of Innosuisse, Annalise Eggimann, and the Director General of Vinnova, Darja Isaksson, signed a memorandum of understanding to intensify the long-term cooperation in the presence of the Swiss President Guy Parmelin and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Innosuisse & Vinnova

The «Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative» as a basis for cooperation

Since its launch in 2013, the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) has already resulted in around 50 additional innovation projects with 85 Swedish and 75 Swiss participating partners in total. As a networking initiative in the interests of Swiss and Swedish companies, SWII was able to benefit from the membership of both countries in the intergovernmental EUREKA initiative for the funding of innovation projects and the agile implementation of cooperation.

SWII’s approach is simple and effective: SMEs, large companies and research institutions from both countries exchange information on their supply and demand for new innovative solutions in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology, digital solutions and new materials at joint events. For example, the SWII was a guest at the ABB research centre, the Swiss Stock Exchange, CSEM and the ETHs. Following these events, Innosuisse and Vinnova invite participants to flesh out the ideas they have identified in personal exchanges with partners from both countries through a call and to submit project applications within EUREKA and Eurostars funding schemes.

The initiative is managed by Innosuisse, Vinnova, Business Sweden, the Swiss and Swedish embassies in collaboration with major innovation players from research and industry in both countries. The initiative is also supported by associations such as Swissmem, Asut, Teknikföretagen, and AI Sweden.

Looking to the future

With the signing of the agreement, Innosuisse and Vinnova have confirmed their desire to further develop the SWII in the longer term and to push on into new innovation fields. Particularly in the industrial and high-tech sectors, joint research and development with a longer-term perspective should result in innovative solutions in the market.

Further information

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