Austria assumes the chairmanship of EUREKA


Austria took over the chairmanship of EUREKA in July 2020 and will therefore be overseeing cooperation between innovation ministries and agencies across more than 47 countries, as well as the European Commission, for a period of one year. The aim is for ambitious goals - which are also of great importance to Switzerland - to be achieved by June 2021. In addition, our neighbouring country has interesting offerings for Swiss innovation players.

"The current social, economic and political challenges can only be tackled by means of enhanced global cooperation." These were the words of Margarete Schramböck, Austria's Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, as Austria assumed the chairmanship of EUREKA for a period of one year in July 2020. Austria invited Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin in order to obtain Switzerland's active participation in this regard. Switzerland, represented by Innosuisse, is a full voting member of EUREKA and will advise Austria on strategic matters during its chairmanship together with Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, Portugal and Hungary.

The relaunch of the Eurostars programme and its interface to the European Innovation Council of Horizon Europe is of particular strategic interest to Switzerland. In 2019, 125 project applications which had Swiss involvement were submitted to Eurostars, and Innosuisse supported 47 Swiss SMEs in 51 projects. This makes Eurostars Innosuisse’s largest international funding instrument.

The planned expansion of EUREKA's cooperation with non-European countries that are committed to collaborative working relationships is also crucial for Innosuisse. During the Austrian chairmanship, Innosuisse will be participating in a EUREKA call with India and Singapore. 22 March 2021 will see EUREKA celebrate its 35th anniversary in Vienna with an event at which it will discuss the current challenges in supporting innovation and cooperation in international research and development on the part of SMEs in the member countries. As a founding member of EUREKA, Switzerland will take an active part in the discussion and the celebration.

From 18-20 May 2021, Austria will be hosting the Global Innovation Summit in Graz, which innovation players from all over the world will be invited to. This will give Swiss companies and research institutions a unique opportunity to establish new international contacts and discuss cooperation plans. In addition, the event in Graz offers the opportunity to flesh out the details of cooperation with Austrian partners. The programme and registration arrangements will be published on the EUREKA website in early 2021.

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