Internationalisation camps are on the up

The range of opportunities for start-ups to participate in internationalisation camps is increasing. Guangzhou is the new destination being offered by Innosuisse for start-ups seeking to open up the international market.

Innosuisse signs an agreement with Brazil

At the beginning of November, Innosuisse and the Swiss National Science Foundation signed two declarations of intent with their Brazilian partner agencies to step up cooperation on research and innovation.


National Thematic Networks

The new-generation National Thematic Networks (NTNs) backed by Innosuisse are intended in future to support innovators from academia, business and society at large more directly in the development and testing of new, viable innovation ideas.

zhaw_Aqua_201710420_Copyright_ZHAWIUNRFrank Brüderli

12 BRIDGE Discovery projects selected

The 12 projects offer excellent science and a sound implementation plan, as well as high economic and social potential. Teams from universities of applied sciences are well-represented.


«We are developing more efficient components»

Lorenz Gubler and his team from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have received a "Discovery" grant as part of the BRIDGE programme. Lorenz Gubler and his team are developing cheaper and more efficient components for redox flow batteries. The project manager hopes that these technologies will find a place in solar or wind farms.

Innosuisse assesses effectiveness of coaching

Innosuisse wants to regularly assess the benefits and economic impact of its own and the CTI’s start-up promotion activities. For this reason it is calling on all start-ups accepted for coaching since 2005 to participate in another survey.

From science to start-ups

The new BRIDGE programme helps to turn scientific research into actual products and services. A year and a half into its launch, the results are already in.

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