SCCER FEEB&D – Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts

Reducing the energy demands of existing and future buildings is essential for a successful energy revolution. The FEEB&D SCCER (Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts) in the “Efficiency” action area focusses on the development of high performance insulation materials, the integration of renewable energies in buildings, the efficient operation of buildings and their integration into local multienergy grids.

Does your company or research institution deal with questions regarding the integration of renewable energies in buildings? Are you conducting research on innovative insulation materials? The FEEB&D SCCER offers the combined expertise of Swiss industry and higher education institutions. In addition to developing new insulation materials, and research on the efficient integration of energy from renewable sources and their integration into future energy grids, researchers at the SCCER FEEB&D deal with socioeconomic issues. The concepts and technologies developed should be marketable and accepted by users. The FEEB&D SCCER wants to use the intelligent combination of new materials and technologies to reduce the energy demand of buildings by a factor of 5 in the coming decades.

Who is the expertise of the FEEB&D SCCER intended for?

  • Your company or non-profit organisation is headquartered in Switzerland.
  • You are a researcher at a Swiss higher education institution or research institution
  • You deal with highly efficient materials for thermal insulation, in particular for older buildings or with controlled heat transfer
  • You deal with usage and climate dependent energy management in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, with sufficiency potential and energy recovery.
  • You are interested in decentralised power, heating and cooling systems for districts and settlements, and for office, commercial and industrial zones.

For more detailed information, click on the SCCER FEEB&D link.

Last modification 28.12.2017

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