Female founders: the key to a strong startup ecosystem!


The secret to a strong startup ecosystem is diversity. Diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and approaches driven by successful entrepreneurs, who inspire and give back to the community. And female founders are key to that.

Studies have shown that start-ups having a woman as founder operate more efficiently than male-led companies, that a predominant intrinsic motivation of female entrepreneurs make them more likely to go the extra mile and persevere, and that they are more prone to introduce a strong sense of social responsibility to the community (Forbes). While the number of leading women in the start-up field increased in recent years, the environment is still shaking off old-habits and adapting to the new balance. It is critical to educate the market and to support female founders to break barriers.

Innosuisse understands the importance of a diverse and inclusive ecosystem and is persistently working on strengthening and further developing the Swiss start-up landscape. Joining the Innosuisse Start-up Coaching, you can benefit from advice and introductions from a broad network of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. Guided by an Innosuisse coach, you’ll work out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your start-up. In addition, you’ll determine the next critical steps and receive recommendations on key milestones that are important to the successful development of your business. A valuable opportunity to refine your business model, successfully launch and grow your company, and to expand into new markets.

Are you ready to break barriers? Don’t hesitate and apply now for the Innosuisse Initial Coaching programme.

Last modification 25.02.2022

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