Imverse - A 3D engine saves time and money for film-makers

3D engines are used in computer graphics to make people and settings appear virtually real. The 3D engine developed by the start-up Imverse is the basis for its Imverse LiveMaker software, which turns normal, 2-dimensional pictures into 3D settings.

Three-dimensional objects can be manufactured quickly and easily using LiveMaker software.

The package will first be marketed in the entertainment industry, where it can reduce the time-and-money cost of producing films by a factor of ten. For example, to make the storyboard of a 3D film, appropriate sites in the real film setting are recommended for setting up the cameras. But LiveMaker is also suitable for architectural structures and other sites.
At the Innosuisse Core Coaching course given by Simon Johnson, Imverse benefits from his knowledge of the US market and intellectual property. “Thanks to Simon’s experience, we’re learning far faster than if we had to find things out ourselves,” says Imverse CEO Javier Bello Ruiz.

Three highlights of Imverse’s internationalisation camp in San Francisco

The Swiss founder of an online marketing firm told us how his start-up grew rapidly because it was able to integrate its technology at Facebook and finally sell it to Google for a lot of money. He underlined the importance of the techies’ mecca, Silicon Valley, and of having contacts there.

A Swiss entrepreneur with several start-ups under his belt explained how crucial it is to onboard the right people in one’s team. Technology is instrumental, he said, but the most important thing of all is people. A start-up can have no slackers.

A US start-ups coach showed how a pitch should be made to potential investors if a start-up wants to arouse their interest in the limited time available. Three questions are key: What is the product? Who is supposed to buy it? How does the business plan look?

Last modification 27.06.2022

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