Pryv: a Swiss example that highlights the benefits of technology e-alerts

The Swiss firm Pryv, a leading European provider of software that enables standards on the protection and management of personal data to be met, registered for the EEN technology e-alerts to receive details of the latest cooperation opportunities related to its business activities.

Pryv recently received an e-alert featuring a technology developed by a UK company. Its solution for the management and control of consent forms complements Pryv’s software. It would enable Pryv to strengthen its position on the international market.

As Pryv was very interested in discussing the opportunity for technical and commercial cooperation with the UK firm, it completed the online contact form, allowing Innosuisse to partner interested parties.

The two companies have now agreed to collaborate on the development of a solution that will enable hospitals and medical organisations to comply with the law on personal data and consent. This represents a win-win situation for both companies and the cooperation means they can provide their customers with added value.

Companies and research institutions interested in establishing contacts abroad can register for technology e-alerts on EEN’s Swiss website.

Last modification 04.02.2022

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