Using a colouring agent to lubricate skis?

Until now no one had come up with the idea. In this process the colouring agent indigo forms water-repellent layers. And it is environmentally friendly to boot, unlike the highly fluorinated hydrocarbons used in conventional professional waxing, which is toxicologically and ecologically questionable.

An SLF researcher tried out the pigment-based slip agent on test skis.

Unfortunately, so far sustainability has not been much of an issue. In various tests including at the Alpine Under-23 Championships, Isantin, our slip agent made from pigments, held its own with the best waxes. Last year I secretly waxed the cross-country skis of my daughter-in-law and two of her friends with Isantin. They came home from the trail enthusiastic. I’m especially proud that our slip agent is made of vegetal matter and is thus harmless for the environment and those who work with it. I now hope that the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, after conducting tests under differing conditions with calibrated skis, will confirm Isantin’s good glide qualities. Walter Ammann, an Innosuisse mentor was instrumental for the successful funding of this preliminary study. He knows not only how to assess risks correctly but also how important sustainability is.”

Text: Dr Peter Bützer, retired chemist

Last modification 27.06.2022

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