Cameras for videos and individual needs

Alpa, a Swiss producer of high-end cameras, is constantly enlarging its product assortment including towards medium- and large-format videos. Moving images are in demand, not only for online advertising but also for screens, which are increasingly replacing wall posters.

The Swiss camera manufacturer Alpa wants to make a name for itself in the fiercely competitive video market with prototypes and components produced by 3D printing.

Alpa’s system combines photos and videos in association with Product Development Group Zurich headed by Prof. Mirko Meboldt. By means of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, the partners make prototypes and camera components for end-users easily, quickly and economically. Feedback from the user communities is systematically and promptly factored into product tweaking. AM technology makes it possible to create cost-efficient product designs in small series or as single units. This gives Alpa an advantage with respect to its highly competitive Asian rivals.

AM requires new company processes

The events organised by NTN Additive Manufacturing (AM Network) are an important platform for many projects. At a national AM conference, Alpa’s Development Manager Ralph Rosenbauer explained how introducing this new technology changes a company: “New processes, a new culture and adaptations to the business model are needed.” And cooperation with customers requires more time: “I have to survey customer needs in a much more structured manner.” In the AM Network, Alpa can benefit from the experiences of others to move in this new direction.

Last modification 27.06.2022

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