Innovation as the key driver of sustainable food supply


When it comes to innovation, foodtech is an inescapable trend in Switzerland today. From robotics, to blockchain, to biochemistry, food companies and start-ups are using research and new technologies to empower consumers to change their eating habits, improve agricultural productivity, reduce waste and respond more effectively to current sustainability values.

Every year, no less than CHF 2.6 billion is invested in food innovation in our country, according to the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley initiative. A recent study shows that Switzerland is at the forefront of several trends in this sector. Agritech, for example, has developed in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Drones, automated irrigation and disease prediction software are now used to minimise the consumption of resources, increase crop yields and control disease. In the field of food science, new ingredients and products are being researched and developed. Alternative proteins mean that foodstuffs such as meat can be grown in the laboratory in a sustainable and ethical manner. In parallel, the deployment of blockchain is being used to strengthen the traceability of food ingredients along the supply chain. Further solutions are in the pipeline in the area of catering services, food delivery and food waste to improve the management of restaurants, develop new ways of ordering or reduce waste at the industrial level.

Innosuisse is committed to supporting innovative projects in the field of foodtech and aims to stimulate the thoughts and actions of industrial and research partners in this field. Since last year, it has been supporting the Innovation Booster Swiss Food Ecostystem to explore current challenges in the agrifood sector and develop radically new solutions in interdisciplinary teams. This approach is complemented by other approaches, such as the Networking Event Series Business In Sustainable Foodtech and Swiss Food Research, which give players interested in the topic the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas during specific events. At the same time, Innosuisse supports numerous innovation projects and promotes start-ups active in foodtech. For its director, Annalise Eggimann, it is crucial to innovate in this field, because it is an issue that concerns us all. “We need to be aware of the impact of our consumption patterns. Sustainable food production is a major challenge in Switzerland and worldwide. New technologies offer SMEs and start-ups the means to develop innovative solutions and new business models that have a positive impact on the agrifood ecosystem."

Non-exhaustive overview of companies supported by Innosuisse within the framework of innovation projects or coaching:

Foodtech and Innosuisse



Planted has been producing plant-based meat derived from pea protein since 2019. The Zurich-based company’s products are sold throughout Switzerland. To convince even more meat eaters to take the plunge into a “meat-free world”, Planted has teamed up with ZHAW to develop more appetising products.



Tonnes of food ends up in the waste every day in the kitchens of Swiss restaurants, hotels and hospitals. The Swiss start-up Kitro helps companies to reduce food waste.


Interview with Peter Braun, agri-food engineer

Producing food more sustainably thanks to technology. This is how the future of our food supply needs to be shaped, according to Peter Braun, Manager of the Swiss Food Ecosystems Innovation Booster. When it comes to food technology, Switzerland still has room for improvement. Read the interview.


Spotlight on Swiss foodtech in Paris

Swiss foodtech start-ups had the opportunity to introduce themselves to an international audience in Paris in mid-June. Thanks to Innosuisse and its programme of participation in international trade fairs, several new companies were able to take part in Viva Technology.


Innovation Booster

Innovation Boosters are four-year initiatives to support, through open innovation, the transfer of knowledge and working with partners along the entire value chain of a theme. Using design thinking methods, the NTN Innovation Boosters help participants jointly identify and research problems and to develop radical, new solutions in interdisciplinary teams.


Networking Event Series

The aim of the Networking Event Series is to bring together people from research, business and society and along the entire value chain to focus on one theme. The event itself is centred around transferring knowledge and networking and may also include the generation of ideas around a common issue.

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