Testimonials and innovations

Margaux Peltier - Enerdrape

“Innovation enjoys a higher priority in Switzerland than in other countries.”

Carina Popovici - Art Recognition SA

“After my PhD in theoretical physics I was drawn to Zurich. But I quickly became bored with my work as a risk manager at a Swiss bank. I then came up with the idea of founding my own company more by chance.”

Anna Beltzung - Dimpora AG

"As women we should filter out what others say and not take everything to heart. Ultimately, everyone’s trying to set themselves apart"

Olga Dubey - AgroSustain

"The key thing is to work out what kind of role you want to play in the company. You can’t do everything all at once, but it’s good to try everything out."

Sandra Tobler - Futurae Technologies AG

«You’re never alone as a business founder – it helps to find an environment with likeminded entrepreneurs who are in a similar situation to you. It’s equally important to draw on the experience of others.»

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