Swiss Accelerator

Swiss Accelerator projects for SMEs and start-ups after market entry

With the Swiss Accelerator, Innosuisse supports projects by Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups after they have entered the market.

This competitive funding programme is aimed at individual start-ups and SMEs that are carrying out innovation projects with above-average innovation potential. The aim is to commercialise new and innovative products and services quickly and effectively, which in turn should accelerate the growth of Swiss companies already established on the market.

Expected call for projects in 2023

Innosuisse will probably continue to publish calls for projects for the Swiss Accelerator until Switzerland is again associated with the EU's Research Framework Programme. A call for projects will take place in 2023, subject to approval of the budget by parliament.

This opportunity is aimed exclusively at individual Swiss SMEs and start-ups (not consortia):

  • domiciled in Switzerland and with a Swiss company ID number;
  • already established on the market;
  • employing no more than 250 full-time equivalents
    (for companies that are part of a group, the number of full-time equivalents across the entire group of companies is decisive);
  • with the ambition to commercialise the project results quickly and effectively and to scale accordingly.

> Requirements in detail

In the assessment, the text of the funding ordinance and the corresponding implementing provisions are always determining.

IMPORTANT: Start-ups that have not yet entered the market are not allowed to submit applications for Swiss Accelerator projects. They are welcome to apply for the start-up innovation projects funding offer.

The Swiss Accelerator is a transitional measure for Horizon Europe. Innosuisse is expected to issue an annual call for projects for the Swiss Accelerator programme until Switzerland is again associated with the European Union’s research framework programme.

Last modification 23.12.2022

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Swiss Accelerator

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