Evaluation and decision

Evaluation und Entscheid

Your application will first be formally reviewed by the Secretariat of Innosuisse. Then it will be assessed by two independent experts according to the applicable criteria. With the help of this assessment, the Innovation Council of Innosuisse will decide whether to fund your project. This process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.


Criteria for evaluating your application

The experts assess the quality of the applications submitted on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation: Is the scientific and economic approach novel?
    Specifically: What makes your innovation unique? What are the scientific, technological or social innovations?
  • Value creation and sustainability in Switzerland: Does implementing the research results in the market have a positive impact on your company's competitive edge?
    Specifically: What is the positive added value? Does your product have a unique selling point? What is the sales and earnings potential? What value can industry partners or other implementation partners add?
  • For innovation projects in social sciences: Will successful implementation of the project demonstrably reduce social costs and create societal added value (e.g. reducing poverty, increasing quality of life, improving the quality of education, reducing injustice, promoting biodiversity)?
  • Methodological quality: Quality of the project's structure, e.g. are the goals and milestones quantitative and realistic?
  • Expertise of project partners: Do the project partners have the expertise needed to carry out the project and implement it as intended on the market?


The Innovation Council of Innosuisse decides on your application in five thematic subgroups.


Submit your application at least 6 weeks in advance of a meeting of the Innovation Council. If the evaluation proceeds smoothly, the application can be dealt with at the next meeting. You will receive a decision on your application in 6 to 8 weeks. 


Dates of evaluation meetings of the Innovation Council

Jan. 2021         25.01.2021
Feb. 2021 03.02.2021 04.02.2021 04.02.2021 02.02.2021  
Mar. 2021
03.03.2021 12.03.2021 01.03.2021 02.03.2021 01.03.2021
Apr. 2021 14.04.2021 16.04.2021 13.04.2021 13.04.2021 06.04.2021
May 2021 26.05.2021 28.05.2021 27.05.2021 25.05.2021 27.05.2021
June 2021       29.06.2021  
July 2021 21.07.2021 09.07.2021 16.07.2021   15.07.2021
Aug. 2021          
Sept. 2021 15.09.2021 16.09.2021 16.09.2021 17.09.2021 16.09.2021
Oct. 2021 27.10.2021 28.10.2021 22.10.2021 26.10.2021 29.10.2021
Nov. 2021          
Dec. 2021 01.12.2021 09.12.2021 09.12.2021 07.12.2021 06.12.2021
The meeting dates are based on an annual planning. Innosuisse reserves the right to change dates. *
ICT: Information & Communications Technologies
E&E: Energy & Environment
ENG: Engineering
SSBM: Social Sciences & Business Management
LS: Life Sciences

Your application is approved

Following the decision of the Innovation Council, Innosuisse will inform you of the approval in writing by e-mail and by post within two weeks. Projects may also be approved subject to conditions. Prior to starting the project, you must conclude a subsidy contract with Innosuisse.


Your application is rejected

Following a negative decision by the Innovation Council, Innosuisse will inform you of such in writing by post within two weeks. The reasons for the rejection will be explained in the decision. An appeal against the decision can be lodged with the Federal Administrative Court within 30 days.

You can revise a rejected application at any time and re-submit it to Innosuisse as a new application, provided that the new application remedies the shortcomings and integrates the recommendations noted in the rejection decision. The changes must be easily identifiable: please explain them in an accompanying letter or highlight them in colour in the application. The newly submitted application will be re-evaluated according to the usual evaluation process.


Other funding opportunities

> Would you like to carry out an innovation project with an implementation partner?
Innosuisse financially supports science-based innovation projects conducted by industrial partners and private and public institutions jointly with a research partner.


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