Project changes due to COVID-19

Due to the exceptional situation (COVID-19 pandemic), many innovation projects are experiencing delays. Project hours are having to be reallocated thus eventually incurring additional costs. For some implementation partners, the cash contribution may also lead to major difficulties, with the continuation of the project being called into question as a result. Innosuisse would like to offer simple and unbureaucratic assistance in these cases.

For projects currently running as well as project applications that were submitted by 20 March 2020, where the continuation of work has been acutely endangered or even made impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following types of project modifications can be applied for either individually or in combination with one another:

  • Project extension without budget implications
  • Project changes with possible budget implications up to the contractually approved cost ceiling due to:
    • - Shifts of work packages between research and
      implementation partners
    • - Additional work directly related to the COVID-19
  • Reduction or waiver of any cash contribution not yet made by the implementation partner. This will be covered by Innosuisse.
Deadline for submission of project modifications related to COVID-19: 30 June 2020.

Likewise, an extension can be requested by e-mail for innovation cheques in justified cases, but without any increase to the approved funding level.

Last modification 15.05.2020

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