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In the frame of the digitalisation action plan 2019-2020, Innosuisse already launched an impulse programme within the field of “Manufacturing technologies”. Since this program was limited to manufacturing technologies, the potential for innovation projects in the broad field of digitalisation is still large.

To remain one of the leading countries in the development and application of digital technologies, Innosuisse decided to launch another call for innovation projects in the field of digitalisation. Innosuisse is providing CHF 10 million for this call.

Here are the specific research fields:

1. Cyber-physical systems

  • Digital platform for material engineering
  • Digital Twin platform
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Medical / Surgical Models
  • etc.

2. Internet of Things

  • IoT networking and management of large scale deployments
  • Data processing and analysis
  • etc.

3.“Big Data” technology

4. 3D printing

  • Digital methods for advanced process control in Additive Manufacturing AM
  • Digital material models for components built in AM
  • etc.

5. Augmented and virtual reality

6. Digital Aviation

7. Machine Learning

Besides the regular innovation projects, the call pursues two lines to promote innovation in the context of Digitalisation:

Focus 1: Highly innovative ideas (technical or business models) with a high potential impact on value creation for Swiss economy and society and, very likely, with a high risk.

The usual rules of innovation projects apply, whereby the following conditions are to be observed:

  • Projects without implementation partner: maximum duration 18 months
  • Projects with implementation partner: no duration limit
  • Compared to the first Digitalisation Call, this call does not mainly focus on larger consortia. Small consortia are as welcome as large ones.
  • 50% rule: The usual rule for participation of at least 50% of the project costs by the implementing partners can be reduced if the projects are particularly innovative and have above-average potential for success or if their results could benefit a wide range of users.
  • 10% cash: In individual cases, Innosuisse may approve a financial contribution from the implementation partners (cash contribution) of less than 10 percent or may completely waive the financial contribution of the implementation partner to the research partners if the economic performance of the implementation partners is not sufficient. Innosuisse takes into account the innovation potential of the project, the risk associated and the sustainability of the financial burden associated with the implementation of the project.

Focus 2: Follow-up projects of successful CTI/Innosuisse or other projects leading to the product industrialisation and marked launch as a further support to the Implementation Partner. The degree of innovation can thus be limited, but market launch is imminent and requires only one last impulse. Given the special nature of these projects, a financial and inkind participation of the industrial partner above the minimum required by Innosuisse rules is welcome.

The usual rules of innovation projects apply, whereby the following special conditions are to be observed:

  • Only projects with implementation partner
  • Maximum duration 12 months.

Submission deadline: 16. December 2019
Decision: At the latest end of February 2020

When submitting your application in Analytics, please indicate under the selection field under which focus you are submitting the application in the call.
"Are you submitting your funding application in the frame of an Innosuisse Call?"

  • Call Digitalisation Focus 1 (see description above)
  • Call Digitalisation Focus 2 (see description above)

Innosuisse underlines that the submission of regular innovation projects, including the field of Digitalisation, is always possible and welcome, regardless of the objectives of this specific call.

Last modification 22.10.2019

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