Call for submission of innovation projects in the fields of Social Science and Business Management

In its strategic objectives, the Federal Council gives Innosuisse the mandate of “supporting more innovation projects of major economic importance in non-technological areas of specialisation.” Innosuisse is inviting applications for innovation projects in non-technological fields and feedback on the field-specific new information in the online application form. Projects submitted by 16 October 2019 can start this year.  

Non-technology-based innovation projects (e.g. social science projects in areas such as health and mobility; development of new business models in the services sector; design projects) have less of a tradition than in technological areas, even though these clusters harbour major economic potential. The call launched by Innosuisse is aimed at boosting application submissions from social science and business management clusters.

Of course, projects for all other fields can still be submitted. Innosuisse has the financial resources this year to support a large number of promising innovation projects.

Who can submit an application?
Research institutions, companies and private and public institutions operating in Switzerland and engaged in creating value.

Funding conditions
Innovation projects in non-technological fields are subject to the customary Innosuisse funding conditions. Note: The expected results of your project must meet a demand and offer the prospect of economic success or promise added value for society.

Who can submit an application?
We are looking for applications from all social science and business management clusters:





Business Management

Midwife Research

Consumer Goods Business

Design New Business Models
e-Business New Media
Education Nursing Research
Finance Public Management
Fintech Real Estate Tech
Health Research Social Entrepreneurship
Impact Investement Social Work
Industrial Design Tourism
Insurance Tech Urban&Regional Development

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