Test the feasibility of your idea

Innosuisse provides SMEs like you with easy access into the world of science-based innovation funding. The innovation cheque gives you access to up to CHF 15,000 worth of R&D services from a public research partner.

Have you got an innovative idea and would like to clarify its effective feasibility?

Try it out: Innosuisse’s innovation cheque lets you do just that. 

With its innovation cheque, Innosuisse funds preliminary studies, such as concept developments, preparatory work for innovation projects or analyses of technology transfer potential.

Who can apply for an innovation cheque?

  • Your SME or start-up is based in Switzerland (i.e. your company has
    a Swiss company identification number).
  • Your SME or start-up has fewer than 250 employees (full-time equivalents). For businesses that form part of a corporate group, the number of full-time equivalents of the whole group is decisive.

Apply for a new innovation cheque

Do you meet the requirements?

Then submit your application!

You can submit your application at any time.


More information

Other funding opportunities

Would you like to carry out an innovation project?

Innosuisse helps leverage your innovation: we support science-based innovation projects carried out by companies, particularly SMEs, in cooperation with public-sector research partners.



The ARAMIS information system contains all innovation projects that are funded by the CTI/Innosuisse or other federal organisations.

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Questions & answers

What does «independence of project partners» exactly mean? What happens during coaching? What are the responsibilities of the Innovation Council? You will find answers to the most important questions here.

Free patent search

With an approved application from Innosuisse for an Innovation Check, take advantage of a free Assisted Patent Search from the Intellectual Property Institute IPI.

Innosuisse Analytics

Analytics is Innosuisse’s platform for submitting and managing applications. Project partners and start-ups can submit new applications or edit existing ones, while Innosuisse members can access the projects and cases assigned to them.