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First, your application will be formally reviewed. Then, it will be assessed by an independent expert according to defined criteria. The expert will get in touch with you for a short meeting. Should your start-up meet the coaching criteria, you will be invited to a Core Coaching Acceptance meeting to pitch to a committee of experts and including a representative of the Innovation Council of Innosuisse. At the end of the meeting you will be informed whether your application is accepted or declined. This process usually takes about two months.

Criteria for evaluating your application

Applications are assessed based on the initial application requirements.

Formal criteria:

  • Has all required information been submitted and is it correct?
  • Does the start-up have a Swiss address?
  • Is intention to incorporate a company in Switzerland given


  • Has the start-up been incorporated in Switzerland within the last five years or the last ten years in justified cases (e.g. time-intensive life science start-ups)?

Assessment criteria:

  • Is the business model innovative and science based?
    The developed solution and/or business model has to be considered a novelty on the market and can be associated with a scientific discipline.
  • Is the product/service defendable?
    For a start-up to be successful, it is critical it has a competitive advantage. This can be a valuable IP (patent, trademark), specific know-how, or particular speed to market, etc.
  • Does the product/service have high market potential?
    Is there a demand for the developed solution with a high-enough realistic market size?
  • Is the business model scalable?
    A company can achieve strong and profitable growth in a short period of time if it has a repeatable, scalable business model.
  • Is the team ambitious and fully committed to building the business and open to input?
    Building a start-up is very dynamic and requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore the start-up team must be committed and agile in the execution.


The Innosuisse Innovation Council decides on your application based on the information provided and assessments:

  • Your application is approved
    Innosuisse will inform you your application has been approved by email and also formally by letter. You start your coaching once approval is confirmed.
  • Your application is rejected
    Innosuisse will inform you of the negative decision by letter. The communication will explain why the application was not approved.

A rejected application can be revised at any time and submitted to Innosuisse as a new application, provided that the criteria that were not met have been changed. The newly submitted application will be re-evaluated according to the usual evaluation process.

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