Coaching process


If your application is approved, you will receive a voucher that can be used for the services provided by Innosuisse’s coaches. The total voucher budget for the coaching will be released on a staggered basis as each specific milestone set by Innosuisse is reached.

The overall coaching process and voucher management is tracked and managed in the Innosuisse online tool.

Goal of the Core Coaching

In the Core Coaching programme, you have up to 36 months to execute the business plan, build an efficient organisation and create traction as a basis for further growth and potential fundraising. Ideally, this will be based on an action plan developed during the Initial Coaching programme. With the help of the lead coach and special coaches, you will work on establishing and developing your start-up in a variety of relevant aspects. In addition, start-ups in the coaching programme have the opportunity to take part in internationalisation camps and global trade fairs.

If you successfully complete the Core Coaching, you can request the Innosuisse Certificate confirming that your start-up is ready for sustainable growth.

Innosuisse coaches

The Innosuisse coaches supporting you in the Core Coaching have a proven track record in founding, managing and developing companies, are well versed in innovation and have excellent connections.

All coaches and their availability are visible in the Innosuisse online tool.

Lead coach

At the start of your Core Coaching, you will invite one Innosuisse coach to be your lead coach using the Innosuisse online tool. Innosuisse can support in your selection. The lead coach is your main contact person, who will guide you through the entire programme and work with you on the development of your business. Where necessary, the lead coach can suggest that you consult additional coaches.

Special coach

You have the opportunity to receive advice from specialist coaches on matters such as intellectual property and financial planning in the form of individual workshops. You can book special coaches using the Innosuisse online tool and your lead coach will support you in your selection.

Milestone Review

To structure and support the coaching process the start-up has to commit to milestones set by Innosuisse and report on their progress at Milestone Review within a given time-frame. Milestones are specific to each business case and in the interest of the development of the start-up.  

Innosuisse Certificate

Upon completing the Core Coaching programme, start-ups can request the Innosuisse Certificate. The certificate reflects remarkable progress achieved during the programme and it confirms that your start-up is ready for sustainable growth.

Companies with this award get increased publicity, are more attractive to potential investors and improve their access to additional events, initiatives and programmes. They can also take part in internationalisation camps and global trade fairs up to three years after receiving the certificate. 

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