Interested in being an Innosuisse start-up coach?

Innosuisse is looking for new coaches for its unique personalized milestone-based coaching program. The scheme is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their science-based innovative business ideas into successful start-up companies. Potential candidates are invited to submit their applications until 20 June 2018.

The program also includes specialized support in various areas such as legal and regulatory advice, support for international market entry and help in securing necessary financing. Start-ups that receive a coaching voucher from Innosuisse can only use this voucher to procure themselves coaching services from Innosuisse accredited coaches. After the start-up has chosen a coach and both parties have mutually agreed to the coaching terms, Innosuisse pays the coach for its coaching services via a voucher system (see Innosuisse’s funding ordinance for more information).

The quality of the Innosuisse program depends heavily on the deep experience, know-how and professional network of its coaches who have first-hand experience of running their own start-ups. Coaches are assessed every two years to determine if they continue to meet the Innosuisse quality requirements. 

The role

The coach provides active coaching and support of start-up companies that have been issued an Innosuisse coaching voucher. The coach works with the CEO and/or management team of the start-up, beginning with an in-depth assessment of the business idea and plan. The coach then works with the company to achieve the defined milestones set in the Innosuisse voucher within a given timeframe. Throughout the collaboration, the coach proactively supports the start-up by evaluating and highlighting special needs and proposes external and internal network support as needed.

The requirements

Business: The most important criteria to become a coach is to have experience as founder of a start-up in the area of science-based innovation. Additional experience in general management with P&L responsibilities is an advantage.

Management: To have significant experience in strategy formulation, industrialization, forecasting, product development, marketing and sales, finance, fundraising, organizational development, team building, etc.

Innovation: To have led science-based innovation projects from conception through product development to commercialization.

Networks: Strong network of contacts of investors and business partners in Switzerland and abroad. Excellent industrial/business relations in Swiss and in international start-up ecosystems.

Personality: Open, excellent communicator, prepared to listen, used to work autonomously and motivated by teamwork. Ready to collaborate with other Innosuisse accredited start-up coaches.

New candidates with expertise in the following sectors will be particularly valued:

  • IT: UI/UX, Digital marketing, Cybersecurity, Software Architecture, AI
  • Fintech: ICO, Blockchain, Cybersecurity
  • Life Sciences: Digital health, UI/UX, Big data, Machine learning, Insights-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Engineering: Manufacturing, Robotics

The application

It is important for us to have individuals in the coaching team who love the work and challenge of coaching young science-based start-ups. If you fulfill our requirements and would like to enter our selection process, we kindly ask you to send your application to

Applications shall include:

  1. Mandatory: Your motivation letter explaining why you wish to coach start-ups for Innosuisse and where you will add value to our activities
  2. Mandatory: Your filled-out Innosuisse Coach Accreditation Form (DOC, 87 kB, 30.05.2018)
  3. Optional: Curriculum Vitae

Important note: Current Innosuisse coaches must apply for the accreditation and will be automatically granted an interview. New candidates will go through a pre-screening and pre-selected candidates will be invited to an interview.

Application deadline for new candidates: 20 June 2018

Questions? Please contact Mrs Karin Zingg.

Last modification 05.06.2018

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