Turn your idea into your own company

You can become a CEO with Innosuisse: we support start-ups and those interested in setting up a business with personalised coaching. Experienced business coaches advise and support you while you found and develop your company and ensure its sustainable growth.

Do you have an idea and want to found your own company? Or do you already have a start-up and want to develop your business further and take it to the next level?

Then register for our coaching now!

The programme is divided into three stages:

  • Stage A: Initial coaching

Aim: Your business idea is reviewed and developed further with regard to its feasibility and marketability.

Funding: up to CHF 5,000
Duration: up to 6 months

  • Stage B: Core coaching

Aim: The economic viability of your business idea is evaluated, you receive support with developing your strategy, structuring your organisation and entering the market as well as legal advice on issues surrounding protecting intellectual property, concluding agreements or taxes.

Funding: up to CHF 50,000
Duration: up to 3 years

  • Scale-up coaching (Call open from Sept. 2nd until Oct. 25th 2019)

Aim: Your company’s growth strategy is reviewed and implemented, you receive targeted support in establishing scalable processes along with an adapted organisational structure, as well as help with your networking, financing and internationalisation activities.

The scale-up programme begins with a short and intensive first coaching phase (phase 1) worth a maximum value of CHF 15'000. In order to gain access to the next stage of coaching (phase 2), you will have to submit an application and present your business growth goals and the resulting business growth concept to an Innosuisse jury. The jury will decide on your admission to phase 2.

Total funding: up to CHF 75,000
Duration: up to 2 years

Important deadlines: It is only possible to apply for this coaching voucher within a valid time period (call period). The first call will run from Sept. 2nd until Oct. 25th, 2019. Only applications received within these dates are valid and will be considered.

Who can register for the scale-up coaching?

  • For the scale-up coaching voucher, only entrepreneurs with a start-up company that was founded in Switzerland less than 5 years ago (exceptionally 10 years in justified cases) and that employ at least five full-time equivalents will be eligible to apply.

What are the assessment criteria?


If your application is approved, you will receive a voucher for coaching services and can select your coach from a pool of experienced entrepreneurs. The coaches have a proven track record in managing and developing companies, are well versed in innovation and have excellent connections. You also have the opportunity to receive advice from specialist coaches on matters such as intellectual property and financial planning.

Who can register for the coaching?

  • You intend to found or have already founded a company that has its headquarters in Switzerland.
  • Your start-up was founded within the last five years, with the exception of those in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, which must have been founded within the last ten years.

What are the assessment criteria?

  • The degree of innovation of your business idea, measured by the current state of the art and market competitiveness.
  • The market potential of your business idea.
  • The applicant’s potential to implement their business idea.
  • Performance to date and growth potential are taken into account for approvals for scale-up coaching.

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With an approved application from Innosuisse for Start-up Coaching, take advantage of a free Assisted Patent Search from the Intellectual Property Institute IPI.

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