Innovation projects

TwingTec - The mobile wind power plant that can fly

Wind power is a tried and tested, clean source of energy. But because it involves the use of large installations, it is unsuitable in a lot of regions. Swiss company TwingTec AG has come up with an innovative way of resolving this problem – by raising the power plant into the air.

Travelling together with an organ-on-a-chip

The Zurich-based company InSphero has successfully completed a joint project with FHNW to develop a 3D organ-on-a-chip assay that can predict the metabolic stability of pharmaceutical drugs. The year-long project was part-funded by Innosuisse, and the study culminated in partnerships being forged with major pharmaceutical companies.

Alpa - Cameras for videos

Alpa, a Swiss producer of high-end cameras, is constantly enlarging its product assortment including towards medium- and large-format videos. Moving images are in demand, not only for online advertising but also for screens, which are increasingly replacing wall posters.

Oxial - Spotting personnel risks

Several researchers in the psychology, statistics and economics departments of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) are working concurrently together with the software publisher Oxial. They want to develop a program to help companies such as banks and insurers fight personnel risks, especially economic crime.

Last modification 09.07.2019

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