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Biospectal - Measuring blood pressure using a smartphone

Measuring blood pressure in a more accessible and accurate way is the goal of Biospectal, a start-up based in the canton of Vaud founded in 2017, which aims to combat hypertension around the world.

Bern Aphasia App - Making life easier for aphasia patients

The “Bern Aphasia App” was developed by a multidisciplinary team of speech therapists, neurologists, psychologists and engineers. An Innosuisse project launched this year aims to make a market roll-out of the app possible by 2022.


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AgroSustain - Today Switzerland, tomorrow the world

AgroSustain, a start-up launched in 2018, is successfully progressing from one growth phase to the next. Backed by various levels of support that Innosuisse provides to young researchers, the company is seeking to market biological pesticides made from vegetal extracts.

Pathmate Technologies - A digital coach to help patients manage their chronic conditions

Pathmate Technologies – the digital solution that supports people suffering from chronic diseases. This Swiss start-up has created a digital health coach.

Innovation mentoring

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Using a colouring agent to lubricate skis?

Until now no one had come up with the idea. In this process the colouring agent indigo forms water-repellent layers. And it is environmentally friendly to boot, unlike the highly fluorinated hydrocarbons used in conventional professional waxing, which is toxicologically and ecologically questionable.

Programme BRIDGE

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An online platform for fair trade shoes

Catalina Jossen Cardozo at the Lucerne School of Art and Design has created an intelligent production chain for commercialising shoes without exploiting workers or harming the environment.

Fast and affordable malaria diagnostics

Jonas Pollard, a chemist at the Adolphe Merkle Institute at the University of Fribourg, received support from Bridge Proof of Concept. He considers the support crucial for his project – developing a rapid diagnostic test for malaria.

Energy funding programme SCCER

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Recycling concrete sustainably

The production of cement, the material that binds concrete, is very stressful for the environment and is alone responsible for 5 to 7 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

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