Pre-proposal – submission, evaluation and recommendation


Do you have an idea how a current or future challenge for the Swiss economy or society can be tackled by means of systemic innovation? The Flagship Initiative enables you to take up this challenge.

Pre-proposal application documents

The deadline for submitting the pre-proposal was 31 March 2021, noon (CEST).

Requirements for submitting a pre-proposal

Flagship partners who want to submit a pre-proposal must meet certain requirements.

Note: The submission of a pre-proposal is a mandatory requirement for the submission of a proposal!

As a company or a private or public institution (so-called implementation partner)

As an implementation partner, you must meet these requirements:

  • Your company or private or public institution must operate in Switzerland and engage in value-creating activities.
  • You must assume the flagship costs incurred within your company and be prepared to cover your research partner’s expenses in an amount equivalent to at least 10% of the funding offered by Innosuisse.
  • Swiss research partners must be prepared to implement a flagship with you.

As researchers

You must work at a Swiss research centre and companies must want to realise a flagship with you. Your research institution (so-called research partner) must belong to one of the following categories:

Criteria for the evaluation of your pre-proposal

The members of the Innovation Council assess the quality of the applications submitted on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation: Is the scientific and economic approach novel?
    Specifically: What makes your innovation unique? What are the scientific, technological or social innovations?
    Is it not only an “incremental” but also a “systemic” innovation, i.e. does the scientific and economic/social approach contribute to changing a system in the long term?
  • Value creation and sustainability in Switzerland: Does implementing the research results in the market have a positive impact on the competitive situation of the implementation partners? Does successful implementation demonstrably lead to a reduction in (social) costs and/or to economic benefits (e.g. reduction in poverty, increase in quality of life, improvement in education quality, reduction in injustices, increase in biodiversity), with a positive impact on the future well-being of the country?
  • Flagship setup

Evaluation and recommendation

First, the Innosuisse Secretariat formally evaluates your application. If the application meets the formal requirements, the process of evaluating the content begins. The members of the Innovation Council assess the pre-proposal and decide whether or not to recommend to the applicants to submit a proposal. The applicants will be informed of the recommendation or non-recommendation after the Innovation Council meeting.

Recommendation for the submission of a proposal

After the Innovation Council’s assessment, Innosuisse will inform you in writing as to whether it recommends the submission of a proposal or not. However, applicants are not bound by the recommendation.

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