SCCER SoE – Energieversorgung ohne Unterbrechung

Switzerland’s natural advantages – large differences in altitude and plenty of rainfall – means that the country can produce 55% of its electricity from renewable sources of energy. The hydropower infrastructure makes it possible to store energy. The SoE - Supply of Electricity SCCER, active in the field of power supply, builds on this foundation, bringing together expertise in geoenergy and hydropower from the worlds of research and industry.

Do you deal with power supply issues in your company or at your research institution? Are you looking for basic research opportunities and innovative solutions in deep geothermal, CO2 sequestration and hydropower? The SoE SCCER manages and coordinates the build-up of sustainable expertise in the field of power supply. It creates new chairs and research positions and sets up technology platforms, laboratories and test installations from which you can benefit. The SCCER fosters cooperation between industry and public sector research, helping to develop and build pilot and demonstration programmes and test pioneering technologies.

Who is the SoE SCCER aimed at?

  • Your company or non-profit organisation is based in Switzerland.
  • You are a research scientist at a Swiss higher education or research institution.
  • You work on geothermal and CO2 sequestration technology.
  • You are interested in research into hydropower, its use and the required infrastructure. 

You can find more information at SCCER SoE - Supply of Electricity.

Last modification 28.12.2017

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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ)

Institute of Geophysics
Prof. Domenico Giardini

Dr Gianfranco Guidati
Office Manager SCCER SoE

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