SCCER Mobility - Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility

About 34% of total energy use in Switzerland is in the transport sector – moving people and goods around on roads, rail and in the air. This mainly involves the use of fossil fuels, with associated high levels of CO2 emissions. The Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility SCCER in the area of action on ‘Efficient concepts, processes and components in mobility’ aims to provide knowledge and technologies that allow to implement a long-term transport system.

Does your company or research institution deal with questions regarding sustainable mobility? The Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility SCCER offers expertise in two fields of innovation. The first field focuses on the promotion of components and technologies in energy conversion. SCCER researchers deal with the following topics: new battery technologies, optimal use of renewable chemical energy sources for fuel cells and combustion engines, and the greatest possible reduction of energy requirements for vehicles (aerodynamics, lightweight design). The second field of innovation has two areas of application: one area deals with infrastructure, logistics and ICT systems, and the other with the comprehensive evaluation of transport systems.

SCCER Mobility published a white paper regarding the future of mobility that is available here.

Who is the expertise of the Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility SCCER intended for?

  • Your company or non-profit organisation is headquartered in Switzerland.
  • You are a researcher at a Swiss higher education institution or research institution.
  • You deal with issues relating to electrically powered transport, batteries or fuel cells.
  • You conduct research on the integration of decentralised renewable electric power or would like to implement it.
  • You conduct research on lightweight concepts or apply them to transport production.
  • You investigate new urban models, which focus on transport.

For more detailed information, click on the Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility SCCER.

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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ)

Laboratory for Aerothermochemistry and Combustion
Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Boulouchos

Dr Gloria Romera Guereca
Office Manager SCCER Mobility

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