SCCER Heat & Electricity Storage: Materials, Systems, Modelling

The potential of solar and wind energy is closely related to the ability to store energy. Phasing out nuclear power is only viable if power companies can continue uninterrupted to supply the market with electricity, heat and fuel reliably and cost-effectively. If this is to happen, wind and solar power need to form a significant part of the power mix in order to avoid the need to import (grey) energy. This is why the Heat and Electricity Storage: Materials Systems and Modelling SCCER is working on expanding expertise and technology in electricity and heat storage.

Do you deal with power storage issues in your company or at your research institution? Are you involved in developing new rechargeable batteries, synthetic fuels or hydrogen generation and storage, or are you working on short-term or seasonal heat storage solutions? The Heat & Electricity Storage: Materials, Systems and Modelling SCCER provides you with a suitable network and research expertise. It builds on existing know-how in manufacturing industries and process engineering and opens up fundamentally new areas. It links and supports research in the various storage technologies and develops models with which to integrate them in the overall energy system. The SCCER helps to position Switzerland as a global leader in the field of energy storage solutions.

Who is the Heat & Electricity Storage SCCER aimed at?

  • Your company or non-profit organisation is based in Switzerland.
  • You are a research scientist at a Swiss higher education or research institution.
  • You work on the principles of electricity and heat storage.
  • You are interested in cutting-edge battery technologies.
  • You do research into efficient electrolysis or apply this technology.
  • You work on heat management, mechanical, chemical or pneumatic storage technologies.

You can find more information at SCCER Heat & Electricity Storage: Materials, Systems and Modelling.

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