SCCER FURIES – Intelligent grids for the efficient integration of sustainable energy resources into the energy supply system

The amount of power supplied to the grid from renewable sources varies throughout the course of the day. The Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructure SCCER (SCCER-FURIES) will address this challenge. It is working on optimising and integrating into the power grid a range of sustainable energy networks, and on improving their components.

Does your company or your research institution deal with power grid technologies? Are you looking for efficient ways of integrating renewable energies into networks? The SCCER-FURIES aims to design the next generation of the Swiss power infrastructure and help renewable energies make their breakthrough.

From individual components to entire systems, the centre of expertise develops comprehensive, innovative solutions for the power grids of the future. This includes strategies for planning, monitoring and testing the Swiss power grid. The SCCER provides proof of concept - with simulation tools, demonstrations and model trials - in conjunction with industrial partners.

SCCER FURIES published a white paper regarding direct current technologies that is available here.

Who is the SCCER-FURIES aimed at?

  • Your company or non-profit organisation is based in Switzerland.
  • You are a researcher at a Swiss higher education institution or research institution.
  • You are interested in issues such as grid stability or load flow management.
  • You are interested in the integration of renewables into the power grid or
  • You are interested in system aspects of power storage.

You will find more information at SCCER FURIES.

Last modification 15.04.2020

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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)

Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory
Prof. Mario Paolone

Georgios Sarantakos
Programm Manager SCCER FURIES

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