BIOSWEET SCCER – Conversion of biomass into fuels

Biomass should contribute an additional 100 PJ per year towards fulfilment of the Swiss Energy Transition by 2050. The main areas of research of the BIOSWEET SCCER in the “Biomass” action area are technologies for the biochemical and thermochemical conversion of biomass into gaseous and liquid fuels and the production of renewable electricity from biomass.

Does your company or research institution deal with questions regarding the sustainable use of biomass? The BIOSWEET  SCCER offers expertise in terms of using biomass for energy, with emphasis on making the greatest possible savings in the use of non-renewable resources whilst causing a minimum amount of damage to the environment.  The BIOSWEET SCCER brings together major Swiss research teams and has strong links to international activities. In order to take into account the conditions in Switzerland, the BIOSWEET SCCER focuses on the use of biomass in small and medium-size installations. 

Who is the expertise of the BIOSWEET SCCER intended for?

  • Your company or non-profit organisation is headquartered in Switzerland.
  • You are a researcher at a Swiss higher education institution or research institution.
  • You deal with the preparation or use of biomass.
  • You deal with the production of gaseous and liquid biofuels.
  • You would like to use or explore the possibilities of using biomass, biogas or biofuels to generate electricity and heat.

For more detailed information, click on the SCCER BIOSWEET link.

Last modification 28.12.2017

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Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)

Bioenergy and Catalysis Laboratory
Prof. Oliver Kröcher

Dr Simone Nanzer
Office Managerin SCCER BIOSWEET

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