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Viable innovations are created when all success factors are considered from the very beginning: customers’ needs, feasibility and profitability. Innosuisse supports NTN Innovation Boosters, which bring together key actors from research, business and society in Switzerland around an innovation topic and stimulate the development and testing of radically new ideas in interdisciplinary teams.

Are you looking for new innovation opportunities that will help your company or organisation take a big step forward? Are you looking for partners who will work with you to drive such an innovation project forward?

Then choose the NTN Innovation Booster that is appropriate for you, get yourself networked and inspired and develop new ideas together with others.

The activities of NTN Innovation Boosters are open to all interested Swiss actors. They develop need and customer-oriented innovation ideas in agile processes in interdisciplinary innovation teams. Selected teams receive financial support to test their ideas.

Scientific findings provide important impetus for the development of innovative processes, products, services and business models. An open innovation culture promotes the transfer of knowledge among actors.

NTN Innovation Boosters create sustainable competitive advantages for Swiss SMEs, promote viable solutions for social challenges and contribute to value creation in Switzerland.


The next call for proposals is planned for November 2022 to March 2023 (deadline). The NTN Innovation Boosters selected then will start their initiatives in 2024.

The NTN Innovation Boosters

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