E-government at Innosuisse: electronic signatures

Innosuisse is signing digital subsidy contracts and decisions using qualified electronic signatures (QES) with immediate effect. Contract parties are recommended to obtain QES certificates as well. For now, Innosuisse will continue to accept electronic and digital signatures of all kinds.

Legal background for Innosuisse

Digitally issued subsidy contracts must be signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES) (Art. 19 para. 1 of the Subsidies Act in conjunction with Art. 13/14 of the Swiss Code of Obligations). In light of the COVID pandemic, Innosuisse has so far granted formal reliefs and approved electronic or digital signatures of all kinds.

Electronic signatures: overview and differences

Electronic signatures

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QES: your benefits

In Switzerland, a qualified electronic signature QES is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. It is issued personally and can be used for all kinds of legal transactions as well as submissions to the authorities and courts. It enjoys the highest probative value in civil proceedings.

Documents signed using QES are protected against modification. In addition, the QES attests to the authenticity of the document and the identity of the person signing it. By using QES, you can switch to digital processes in a legally binding manner and make signature processes more efficient. The QES is the future of legal transactions! For these reasons, we recommend that you supply at least those employees who regularly sign contracts with QES certificates.

QES: your options

In Switzerland, there are currently (as at January 2022) four recognised issuers of QES certificates: Swisscom, QuoVadis Trustlink, SwissSign AG and the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (BIT). A large number of signature applications are offered on the market that work with these certificates, with varying degrees of functionality and different price models.

Contact the respective provider directly for further information and advice. In general, we recommend that you choose providers that offer qualified electronic signatures (QES) in accordance with the Swiss Federal Act on Electronic Signatures.

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If you have any questions, please contact the team at Innosuisse responsible for your application.