Innosuisse approves the first start-up innovation projects

Since the beginning of 2023 Innosuisse has been able to support innovation projects from start-ups before they go to market. Applications have been welcomed since mid-March. So far, Innosuisse has approved nine applications for a total of CHF 12.8 million.


Since the start 2023 revisions to the Swiss Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (FIFG) have enabled Innosuisse to furnish direct financial support for innovation projects at start-ups before they go to market. Funding is provided for science-based projects at start-ups before market entry with significant innovation potential. The funding is intended to make a substantial contribution to significantly accelerating the market launch of new products and services.

Innosuisse will approve such projects in three rounds in 2023. At the end of June the Innovation Council assessed the first 32 applications, approving nine of them for a total funding amount of CHF 12.8 million. The ICT and Energy & Environment sectors each account for three of these projects, while three other projects are in the Life Science and Engineering industries.

By the end of July, Innosuisse had received a total of 91 applications for start-up innovation projects. As at 31 July, the total funding requested amounted to CHF 173.3 million.

Annalise Eggimann, CEO of Innosuisse, is very positive following the initial funding decisions: “The new funding instrument for start-ups has got off to a good start. Fortunately, we were not immediately overrun with applications from the outset. Over the summer months we have been seeing a significant increase in demand. This shows that the new support offer fills an important gap.”

Applications for start-up innovation projects can be submitted at any time. Applications must be submitted at least eight weeks in advance – i.e. by the end of September 2023 – for a decision by the Innovation Council in the 2023 winter sessions.

The meetings of the Innovation Council for the year 2024 will be communicated in October 2023. There will be an additional decision meeting in Spring with a submission deadline around mid of January.

For more information, see: start-up innovation projects

Start-ups that are already established on the market can submit an application to the Swiss Accelerator. The second call for projects for the Swiss Accelerator will open on 28 August.

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