Innosuisse further strengthens its pool of experts

New experts have been elected to strengthen the ranks of the current cohort of Innosuisse experts. An additional call for applications was issued in the spring. Those selected will begin their term of office on 1 January 2023. Like the others, they will be responsible for reviewing applications for project support and making a decision, which will be forwarded to the Innovation Council.

89 new experts have been elected by the Innosuisse Board of Directors. With the introduction of new promotion instruments and the current high demand for existing instruments, Innosuisse found it necessary to strengthen its ranks. As of 1 January, 297 experts will be active (37% of whom are female) and will remain in office until the end of 2024/2026.

Profiles of the 89 new experts:


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Last modification 20.12.2022

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