Multi-Year programme 2025-2028: Strengthening innovation and securing the future

The great challenges of our time call for ground-breaking technological and social innovations. Events such as the Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine but also rapidly advancing climate change have global consequences for the economy and society. These are forcing us to take decisive action and to test out innovative new solutions. As the Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse wants to continue to facilitate forward-looking and systemic innovations in the years 2025–2028. Our support is intended to enable Swiss companies to make a significant contribution to solving global challenges.

Multi-year programme 2025-2028

Innosuisse will pursue four main topics in the years 2025 to 2028. These permeate all fields of innovation and are central to successful innovation promotion.

In the years 2025–2028, Innosuisse wants to strengthen the impact of its funding portfolio and launch forward-looking instruments:

Strengthening the impact of the funding portfolio

Today, Innosuisse has a diverse, flexible support offer. This should be able to take full effect in the years 2025–2028. Selective new support offers will supplement the portfolio. The demand for funding instruments demonstrates that they are already meeting the needs of the economy and society: it has been continuously hitting new highs since 2019. In view of the high demand for innovation in practically all areas of life and sectors of the economy, it can be assumed demand will remain equally strong in the medium to long term. 

Launch of forward-looking funding instruments

Innosuisse wants to continue to meet the high demand for all existing instruments and provide unrestricted support for eligible innovation projects and start-ups in the years 2025–2028 as well. In addition, with the revision of the Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation, the legislator has enabled the introduction of new funding instruments, which Innosuisse intends to implement. Examples include support for highly qualified individuals or contributions to organisations in the start-up ecosystem.

For the planned measures, Innosuisse is claiming a financial requirement of CHF 1,651 million for the period 2025–2028. 

The funding will further strengthen Switzerland as a location for innovation. Innosuisse will continue to do everything in its power to move the world with Swiss innovations in future.

Last modification 20.09.2022

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