Innosuisse is promoting Swiss innovations for Europe-wide challenges


Innosuisse is participating in European partnerships in the areas of healthcare systems, personalised medicine, key digital technologies, and driving urban transitions, with the aim of introducing innovative solutions and positioning the Swiss innovation ecosystem on an international scale. Innosuisse and other Swiss funding bodies will be supporting projects relating to these topics until 2027.

The aim of the thematic European partnerships is to pool resources from among the European Union (EU), national research and innovation funding, the private sector, foundations and other stakeholders in order to overcome the major challenges of our time and modernise the economy.

The thematic EU partnerships under Horizon 2020 (namely AAL, ECSEL and ERA Net) have been concluded. New partnerships are emerging as part of Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe is the ninth EU Framework Programme and will run from 2021 to 2027. It is the world’s largest research and innovation funding programme. Innosuisse will be participating in four new and challenging partnerships throughout the entire duration of Horizon Europe. Innosuisse’s participation in these partnerships is not currently dependent on Switzerland’s association status.

Four selected thematic areas
On the recommendation of the Innovation Council, the Board of Directors approved Innosuisse’s participation in four thematic areas:

  • Key Digital Technologies
  • Driving Urban Transitions
  • Transforming Health and Care Systems
  • Personalised Medicine

Throughout the duration of these partnerships, several calls for proposals will be published, each of which will be posted by Innosuisse on its website.

New, broad participation also in Switzerland
Thanks to broad participation from a wide range of actors from research, industry, society and politics, the thematic EU partnerships should now make a significant contribution to the implementation of research results and innovations aimed at solving challenges. In Switzerland, these signs have been recognised, and solid coalitions have been formed between the federal government’s departmental research, research funding and innovation funding. In this way, Innosuisse, the SNSF, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) will work closely together in future, in the area of sustainable urban development for example.

Thanks to the close cooperation of various funding organisations in Switzerland, it is possible to combine a wide range of innovation activities. By doing so, all the stakeholders involved are supported in their various roles. Last but not least, the combination of funding allows for greater participation by Switzerland in these European partnerships.

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Last modification 23.06.2022

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