Innosuisse approves 15 flagships

Innosuisse has launched the new Flagship Initiative in 2021. With this funding initiative, the Swiss Innovation Agency aims to give a boost to systemic innovations that are central to current economic and social challenges in Switzerland. In the first call for flagships, Innosuisse approved 15 applications.

In a two-stage procedure, 78 pre-proposals were received by the end of March and 27 applications by mid-August. In October, Innosuisse approved 15 of these flagships with the following thematic orientations.

Approved Flagships 2021

The total funding budget for the three to five-year projects amounts to 57.7 million Swiss francs. The consortia will start their work at the end of 2021. Further calls for proposals under the Flagship Initiative are planned.

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Flagship Initiative

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Last modification 29.03.2022

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