2021 call for proposals for joint innovation projects in the area of eHealth in Switzerland and the Netherlands

Innosuisse and Dutch Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, Health~Holland are launching a joint call for proposals in 2021 aimed at funding science-based innovation projects in the area of eHealth. The call for joint innovation projects is intended for companies, public institutions (schools or municipalities) and research institutions in Switzerland and the Netherlands (consortia).

Participants from Switzerland and the Netherlands are invited to submit joint project proposals in the research and development of innovative products and applications with high market potential.

The call for proposals is limited to the development of innovative solutions aimed at improving children’s health management in the context of family and school environments.

Timescale of the call process:

  1. 1. February 2021 Call launch
  2. 24. February 2021 Online information event
  3. 30. April 2021 Submission of pre-proposals
  4. 2. August 2021 Submission of full proposals
  5. 1. November 2021 Project start

Applications are to be written in English.

Conditions of participation, eligibility criteria and funding rates
This is an international, bilateral funding measure. For Swiss participants, the funding guidelines of Innosuisse apply, while those of Health~Holland apply for participants from the Netherlands. Please refer to the joint call’s guidelines.

Search for partners
The search for project partners in Switzerland and the Netherlands is supported and organised by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

EEN Switzerland and EEN Netherlands offer a web-based matchmaking platform for connecting interested organisations.

Partner search contact
Contact at the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
Nicolas Lentze
+41 58 469 07 59, nicolas.lentze@innosuisse.ch

More information about the call
A webinar will be held for interested parties on 24 February 2021. Information will be provided on the funding conditions, the call process, the search for partners, as well as other aspects relating to the call. Interested parties will have the opportunity to ask questions. Registration is through the matchmaking platform.

Contact for information about the call
Colette John
+41 58 466 77 32, colette.john@innosuisse.ch

Last modification 12.02.2021

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Contact for call information:

Colette John
+41 58 466 77 32


Contact for partner search EEN:

Nicolas Lentze
+41 58 469 07 59


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