EUREKA Globalstars Cooperation with India

Innosuisse is collaborating with Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden and Spain in the EUREKA Globalstars call with the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology of the Republic of India to foster projects within “Key Enabling Technologies for Healthcare, Agriculture and Water and Energy”. This partnership boosts knowledge and technology transfer and will boost involved countries competitively.

Research institutions and companies have the opportunity to submit applications in line with Innosuisse rules, together with consortium partners from India. Evaluations will take place in all countries participating in a given project and funded according to country specific rules.

This is the Call timeline:

  • International opening of the Call: 24. February 2020
  • Deadline for EUREKA and national applications: 30 November 2020
  • EUREKA label procedure and approval: April 2021

All information on Call scope and country rules are listed in detail in the Call document EUREKA Globalstars India.

We have secured the support our EEN office to support partner searches as well as Swissnex India, to help with the Call promotion. With their insight and local contacts, we will endeavor to support you.

To help you find a partner, we ask you to upload your profile to the B2Match marketplace. The website facilitates the exchange of information between organisations interested in the call and the possibility to identify and contact partners.

Swiss consortia are required to:

  1. submit an international application, the procedure is explained in point 4 of the Call Text (PDF, 439 kB, 28.09.2020)
  2. and a national application for funding through: Innosuisse Analytics together with a EUREKA application form (PDF, 939 kB, 28.09.2020).

Last modification 28.09.2020

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