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Innovation not only strengthens the competitiveness of companies, it can also be an important driver for greater sustainability through increasingly efficient and resource-saving solutions. This approach is also in line with the vision of the Federal Council, which in the draft of its “Sustainable Development Strategy 2030” sets out, among other things, how the economy, financial markets and areas of education, research and innovation can drive sustainable development forward and what framework conditions are necessary to achieve this.

“Sustainability and innovation” is also a feature topic in our annual magazine Discover 2020. Read more in the introductory article about the planned implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Switzerland and the tools Innosuisse has long used to promote sustainable innovation.

We also recommend reading the interview with Renat Heuberger, Member of the Innosuisse Innovation Council and CEO and co-founder of South Pole. He explains how innovation contributes to global sustainability and how in the future Innosuisse can align its funding activities even more closely with the sustainability goals.


Examples of support

Sustainability_Image_Bridge-project Power

Project "Power"

Up to 30% more efficient photovoltaic systems thanks to new coatings - that is the goal of the joint project by CSEM, EPFL and Empa. The new generation of solar cells is soon to be developed in a size that is also suitable for industrial production.


Sustainability_Image_SHIFT Switzerland

SHIFT Switzerland

The event advocates for a measurably more sustainable Switzerland and for the “SHIFT to a circular economy”. SHIFT brings together the right people for a circular economy, creates orientation, creative inspiration and new business contacts.


Circular Hub

As an open knowledge and networking platform, Circular Hub supports Switzerland’s transformation towards a circular economy. It spurs the innovative potential of Swiss companies and accompanies them on their way towards circularity.

Find out more about Innosuisse's partnerships on other innovation topics here.

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